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Team exide

Todd's Jeff Burton Page


On this page I will try to recap each week's race concentrating on what happened to Jeff and why. If anybody would like to add their views about a race just email them to me and I will post them here.

Or you could post a message on my Jeff Burton Message Board.

NAPA 500

Another top five to end the season. Jeff had a good day, it seemed that his car was good on long runs but would not restart worth a darn, every restart he lost 2 or 3 spots. He never really ran with the leaders although he led once under caution. He finished with a top five in the points and his recent run of top five finishes should do a lot to help keep the teams momentum up for the off season. Only 3 months till the 2000 season starts, it should be interesting to see what the new Fords and Chevys can do against the Pontiacs, I sure hope they cut their spoilers back a bit for next year. Enjoy the holidays and let's hope Jeff can be the first champion of the new century.

The Jiffy Lube Miami 400

Another good top five to help build momentum for next year. Jeff was definitely best in class today, he was almost able to keep up with the Pontiacs. Don't get me wrong Joe Gibbs has two great teams but they are not that good. Hopefully next year things will be a bit closer between the three makes of cars. Jeff got back into the top five in points. Next week is the last race let's hope Jeff can keep building momentum for next year and nothing would do that better than win number 7.

The Dura Lube 500K

A very uneventful and boring race. Jeff had a good car and moved up through the field nicely but he never led or seriously challenged for the lead. Tony Stewart had everybody covered today. Another top five for Jeff it would be nice to end the Season with a string of them to build momentum for next year. Jeff is still sixed in points but is still within reach of fourth. Next week is Homestead a new race for Winston cup. Jeff won the Busch race there last year so maybe he can get win number seven, Let's hope.

The Pop Secret 400


Wow!! this was like watching a race at the beginning of the year, This looked like a completely different team then we have been seeing lately. They qualified well, made the right adjustments and had GREAT pit stops and on top of all that it seamed like luck was back on Jeff's side with the way the cautions fell. Jeff really gained on Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon in the points I don't think fourth is out of the question. The Next race is in two weeks at Phoenix, another flat track that Jeff should like let's hope for two in a row.

The Winston 500

Another Boring restrictor plate race, If you can even call these events racing. As far as I'm concerned it's just ridiculous. In any event Jeff finished eighth, not to bad at a plate track, but of course everybody he needed to beat as far as points finished in front of him, and Earnhardt got quite a bit closer. Jeff never had a car to challenge for the lead, you could tell that all of the Roush cars were just hanging in the draft. next week they go back to real racing at Rockingham. Jeff had a good car there in the Spring so maybe he can win number six for the year and this team can break itself out of it's current funk. It would be nice to have some confidence going into the off season.

The UAW GM Quality 500

Another mediocre performance for the 99 team that ended in disaster. They qualified poorly, raced mediocre, and had terrible pit stops. On top of all that they seem to have lost the ability to adjust his car. It seems that after a pit stop his car doesn't get any better. Maybe I'm just spoiled from the first half of the season but it sure seems that all the changes at Roush Racing are effecting this team. Maybe somebody should tell Jack that if it ain't broke don't fix it. This week is Talledaga, Ho Hum another boring plate race. Hopefully Jeff can miss the wrecks and get a good finish.

The NAPA Auto care 500

A good race but a little disappointing. Jeff had some trouble early and was a little unlucky with a pit stop, but they got his car good and he fought his way back to 9th. It's not as good as we are used to from Jeff at Martinsville but he gained a lot of points on Tony Stewart and only lost 10 or so to Labonte so it wasn't to bad of a day. Next week is Charlotte, Jeff won the last race their lets hope for a sweep.

The MBNA 400

Mark Wins!! It's not as good as a win for Jeff but if he can't win Mark is the next best thing. I was actually at the race and it was a really good one. Jeff had a really good car but it got tight shortly after halfway. They finally had it fixed before the last caution but when they changed tires they got one of those mystery sets that were hampering everybody all day and it was all Jeff could do to stay on the lead lap. Sixth isn't bad for Jeff at Dover but it's a shame everybody ahead of him in points finished ahead of him. Next week is Martinsville one of Jeff's better tracks, maybe he can get win number 6.

The New Hampshire 300

A good top five finish for Jeff and another new winner, all in all not a bad week. Jeff had to take another provisional but once the race started he moved through the field quickly Fourth is great especially from where he started, unfortunately he never led and the 2 guys closest to him in the points finished ahead of him, he did gain a little ground on Jarrett and Mark though. Next week is Dover, not one of Jeff's best tracks but he usually runs in the top five let's hope for a good run.

The Exide NASCAR Select 400

Another mediocre performance for the 99 team. True they got back by Gordon to move into fifth in the points, but for Jeff to finish 13th a lap down at Richmond you know the team isn't working up to par. It really makes you wonder if all the changes going on at Roush Racing isn't screwing up Jeff's team a little bit, maybe they should just work on the other three teams without stealing people away from the 2 teams that were performing good. Like I said two weeks ago you can't consider yourself a top quality team if you can't finish in the top ten unless you have problems. I sure hope this team gets whatever seems to be broke lately fixed. Next week is New Hampshire, another good track for Jeff, Let's hope for better results than they got at Richmond.

The Southern 500


What a great race, the 99 team finally broke out of it's run of bad luck in a big way. This run was more like the Jeff we got used to at the beginning of the season he led the most laps and was pulling away from the field when the rain came. He obviously had the best car on the track, I sure was hoping during that first delay that Spencer wouldn't win that would have been a shame. Next week is Richmond Jeff always runs good there let's hope he can have another good run maybe even get win number 6.

The Goody's Headache Powder 500

This might be my last recap, after the race tonight I'm not sure I will be able to watch races in the future if NASCAR let's the results stand, I really wouldn't be that upset except that earlier in the race NASCAR penalized Jerry Nadeau for hitting an obviously slow Dale Jarrett who was in the middle of the track, but Dale Earnhardt is allowed to punt Terry Labonte out of the way even though there was plenty of room under Terry if Earnhardt could pass him. I'm sorry but that is BULL SHIT and if that's how there going to run this series I'm not sure I'm going to keep watching. As far as Jeff goes this week he brought a knife to a gun fight he qualified poorly ran poorly and managed to finish 17th 2 laps down, I don't know what's up with this team but they really better pull it together. I don't want to be to negative, and I will always be a Jeff Burton fan (assuming I keep watching NASCAR) but a team that has a legitimate shot at the championship can't run this poorly for no apparent reason, If you want to win the championship you have to finish in the top 10 or at least 15 unless you have a mechanical problem. Next week is Darlington Jeff won the spring race there and always runs strong in the Southern 500 hopefully they can pull themselves out of their current funk.

The Pepsi 400

Another disastrous race, this team better pull themselves together and start running like they did the beginning of the year if they want to have any chance of finishing in the top 5 in points. Granted the reason for their bad day was a poor decision by a rookie driver but if their pit stops and car would have been a little better they wouldn't have been in the position they were in. Their pit stops were just terrible today, they didn't gain a single position on pit road, in fact, every time but one they lost positions. They have practically no chance for the championship but if they can turn it back around they are still within reach of a top five points finish. Next week is Bristol, Jeff usually runs OK there but he has to qualify good to get a front pit stall, Let's hope he can do that.

The Frontier at the Glen

Not much to say, Jeff qualified poorly, spun himself out, never led or even threatened the lead and finished better than he had a right to expect. If there is a bright spot to the race it would be that nothing mechanical broke. If this team doesn't pull itself out of it's sudden onset of mediocrity they're going to find themselves out of the top five in points. 13th really isn't a bad finish for Jeff at a road course so I guess it wasn't so bad, it's just frustrating the way this team ran the first half of the year to see them struggling now. Next week is Michigan, Jeff usually runs good there so let's hope they can turn things back around.

The Brickyard 400

Well It's tough to get terribly upset about a top five finish but the performance turned in by the 99 team this week was less than stellar. They obviously had a really fast car, I don't remember how many times they said the fastest car on the track was Jeff Burton. It just seemed that Jeff spent the first half of the race getting to the point where he could run with Jarrett and Labonte then his crew lost him 6 spots and he spent the rest of the day just trying to get in the top five. That last caution wasn't really a help because I think Jeff would have made it on fuel. Oh well I guess a top five isn't so bad, It is just a shame that everybody ahead of him in points finished ahead of him. Next week is the Frontier at the glen, the second road race, Jeff was running good at Sonoma until he lost his transmission so lets hope they can keep the car in one piece get a good finish.

The Pennsylvania 500

What a terrible weekend, If Jeff's problems weren't enough my truck was wrecked on the way to the track on Saturday, that's why this update was so late this week. I was actually at the track this weekend, Jeff had a great car and it looked like he had a shot at wining until he lost yet another transmission. What a heart breaker this is the third transmission this year I hope they soon get that problem straightened out. At least Jeff was running up front all three times. Jeff dropped from 2nd to fourth in the points. he's not to far out of 2nd but Jarrett has to have some problems for Jeff to catch him. The next race is the Brickyard, another track where Jeff always has a fast car but can't seem to get a good finish, Let's hope he can change that.

The Jiffy Lube 300


Win number 4!! Jeff really owns this race. I couldn't believe it when Tony Stewart wasn't pitting, If he would have pitted for a splash of gas he would have won easily, but hey I'm glad he didn't. Jeff obviously had a great car the way he moved up from 38th, but he wasn't nearly as dominant as last year. It was a good race points wise also he gained on Jarrett and passed Labonte and Martin. There is still a lot of season left. Next race is 2 weeks at Pocono, I am going in person and can't wait. Hopefully Jeff will have better luck than in June.

The Firecracker 400

What a relief!! With Jeff's spotty luck at Daytona and after the qualifying disaster this week the race could have been another disaster. Jeff and the Exide team bounced back great, however, and came home with a strong third place finish. Jeff never led but towards the end it looked like he had a strong car who knows what would have happened if the race ended under green. It's a shame that Jarrett won, Jeff lost 15 points to him but he gained on everybody else in the top five. I certainly hope that Jeff's teammate Mark Martin is ok that was quite a feat to drive that race with a broken wrist. next week is New Hampshire. Jeff has won the first race there the last 2 years, let's hope for a threepeat

The Savemart/Kragen 250

Yet Another disastrous race for Jeff. I couldn't believe it, leading the race and he loses another transmission. If this team can't figure out how to keep his car in one piece they have no championship hopes, as it is their chances are pretty thin, Jarrett was almost wrecked a couple of times and still came home in the top ten while burton was running great and finished terrible At least Labonte also had a bad race. Next week is Daytona Let's hope that Jeff can miss the big one and get a decent finish. After Daytona There are several of Jeff's better tracks and hopefully he can turn the season back around.

The Pocono 500

Another disastrous race for Jeff. Of course the fact that everybody else in the top sixth in points finished in the top ten didn't help. He is still in the hunt but with Sonoma and then Daytona coming up he didn't need a bad finish this week. Jeff has been showing promise the last few road races but doesn't have the finishes to show it. After this week he has to get results at Sonoma and then hope to miss the big one at Daytona.

The Michigan 400

Wake Up!! The race is over. What a snoozer!! The first 50 laps had some good racing but after the first pit stops spread the field out it was definitely nap time. Dale Jarrett definitely had the dominant car. Jeff seemed to be able to run the same lap speeds but he wasn't getting in and out of the pits near as good. Jeff had an OK race he led a lap and had a solid top five which is what he has to do to stay in the points hunt. It's a shame that Jarrett had to be the one to dominate. Next week is Pocono Jeff always runs good there hopefully it will be a better race.

The MBNA Platinum 400

Not much to say, Jeff Qualified poorly and had to take a provisional, but that's nothing new especially at Dover. He quickly came through the field to the top 10 and then kind of leveled out. He never led or even threatened for the win. He did what he needed to do to stay in the points hunt, he took a car that was a little off and came home in the top 10. The points really didn't change very much, everybody who is in contention finished in the top ten. I have to wonder why the 99 team didn't pit when Bobby Labonte did because they were pretty much the last car on the lead lap anyway but i'm sure they had a reason. Next week Michigan Jeff usually runs good there. He even got his only career pole at that track so hopefully he can do better qualifying.

The Coca-Cola 600


What a great race. I don't think I breathed for the last 20 laps. What a great team the way they bounced back from the past 2 weeks, They had awesome pit stops all night. Could you imagine being the fan who won a million dollars, I was going crazy over the last 20 laps and I didn't have a million dollars on the line. Jeff led the most laps and gained on everybody in the points. Jarrett who seems to have a knack for dodging trouble still has the points lead but Jeff sure cut into it. Next weeks race is in Dover, Jeff has never won there but he usually runs good, before this week he never won at Charlotte either so maybe he can get number four for the year next week.

The Winston

Not much to say, I only saw the last 10 lap segment, I listened to the rest on the radio. Jeff got caught in an early wreck and was out of the race before lap 12. At least it wasn't a points race if something like this was going to happen this was the race to have it happen in. Next week is a real race the Coca-Cola 600.

Pontiac Excitement 400

What a disastrous race. Jeff had a dominant car, was clearly the class of the field, led the most laps and still only finished 37th because of a vibration that took 76 laps to fix. To make matters worse his two closest competitors Dale Jarrett and Bobby Labonte finished first and third respectively. Jeff fell to second in the points 63 behind Jarrett. The only bright spots were that Gordon also had trouble and finished 31st and the fact that Jeff was running great before his trouble. During 34 races your going to have some bad luck, lets just hope the team can pick up and get back on track in Charlotte in 2 weeks. Next week is The Winston a non-points race but still exciting, the next points race is in 2 weeks at Charlotte.

California 500

Another good race for Jeff, however, it was also very frustrating Jeff had the only car that could run with Gordon but because of getting a lap down he just never could get caught back up to race with him. Oh well I guess a second isn't to bad, Jeff maintained the points lead and gained on everybody but Gordon, and he only lost 10 points to him. Next week is an off week but the next race is at Richmond, Jeff always runs great there and should be a contender for the win.

Diehard 500

I HATE RESTRICTOR PLATE RACING!! Racing isn't supposed to be about who's gonna help who, it's supposed to be about who has the fastest car and is the best driver, It;s time to get rid of the restrictor plates. that said, Jeff didn't have such a bad day, he missed the big wreck and finished 11th, not great but not to bad considering Roush Racing's recent history at the plate tracks. Jeff qualified good, obviously they have worked out the qualifying package for restrictor plates, but it looks like they still need to work a little on the race package. It seemed like both Jeff and Mark couldn't stay sucked up on the back of other cars, also it didn't seem like they could lead a pack very well. Jeff kept the point lead, although he lost some ground to Jarrett, but considering last year he finished 43rd at this race I guess we can't be to disappointed, especially after he had the smoking problem at the beginning of the race, when I saw that I thought his day was over before it even started. Next week California, Jeff had a top ten there last year and Mark always runs good out there so hopefully we can look forward to a good race and maybe even win number 3. Let's Hope!

Goody's body Pain 500

Another great race for Jeff!! A second in this case is almost as good as a win since John Andretti is not really a championship contender. Jeff ran good all day. He was never further back then fourth, and used patience when he had to. The crew had pretty good pit stops and he was good at the end, he was beating all of the drivers who ran up front all day. John Andretti came out of no where with two tires and a fast car and blew by everybody. Jeff is still the points leader and again widened his lead on second place. Next week is Talledaga, hopefully Jeff can avoid the big wreck and come home with a good finish.

Food City 500

Another top five finish! Once again Jeff didn't have a stellar day but he managed another solid top five. If your going to win a championship that's what you have to do. Jeff maintained the lead in the points, in fact since Bobby Labonte had trouble he actually has a bigger cushion on 2nd place. You really have to wonder what would have happened if Jeff would have qualified better, at the end of the race he really seemed to have a good car. Oh well after starting on the back stretch at Bristol you sure can't complain about a fifth place finish. Next week is Martinsville another tough short track. Jeff's won there before, but he also has had trouble there. Hopefully he can get win # 3 !

Primestar 500

There is not much to say about this race, Jeff was never really a threat to win, He didn't even lead a lap. He did have a solid 7th place finish and held on to the points lead, but he didn't run the way we are used to seeing him run. It's a good sign when you are disappointed with a top ten finish. I guess we can consider ourselves lucky after seeing what happened to Mark and that other Jeff. Next week is an off week, the next race is April, 11th at Bristol, Jeff usually runs pretty good there but he has never won, of course he never won at Las Vegas or Darlington until this year. He should have a pretty good chance, but you never know with Bristol anything can happen.

TranSouth Financial 400


What a race, Jeff Finally won at Darlington!! After all the times he almost lost at that track it was great to see him finally win. And what a way to win, that was, perhaps the craziest race I ever saw. Jeff had a great car and his pit crew was really getting it done, that was quite a lead he had after the last stop, let's hope they keep that up, I thought he had a great chance to win and then he got in the wreck I hate to see races end because of rain but I was praying for rain this time. Jeff finally got some luck at Darlington and he got the win. He also took the lead in the point standings for the first time in his career, I think that will become a familiar position for him. Next week is another strong track for Jeff, Texas the site of his first win, Let's hope he can get number 3 for the year.

Cracker Barrel 500

What can you say? Another 4th place finish for Jeff which was good, especially considering where he started, hopefully he won't have to use to many more provisionals this year. Jeff never really was running good enough to threaten for the win but he did have a solid top five car. The pit crew seemed to be somewhat improved this week at least they held there own, sometimes gaining a spot or 2 and sometimes loosing a few spots. He also held his own in the points staying in 4th place. All in all it was a good day only spoiled by the fact that the darn 24 car won again. Next week the race is at Darlington where Jeff always runs good, hopefully he can finally win one there and we can have 2 repeat winners named Jeff this year.

Las Vegas 400


In case you don't know yet JEFF WON !!! What a great race it had a little bit of everything. Jeff came from 19th starting spot which wasn't great, but at least he's continuing to qualify in the top 25, let's hope he keeps that up. Then there was the fuel mileage issue I was sure Jeff was going to lose the race because he had to stop for fuel but luckily there was that late caution that took fuel out of the equation. After another typical pit stop Jeff's crew guaranteed we would have an exciting finish by taking a car that came in to the pits 1st and sending it out 3rd (these guys really need to practice, there not bad but there not quite up to par). I'm not sure I breathed during the last 20 laps, after the trouble Jeff had trying to lap the 3 car on the bottom of the track I didn't know if when he caught Ward If he would be able to get by. I was happy when he decided to stay high, but it sure resulted in some great racing, I think they were side by side for at least 4 complete laps. Once Jeff got by though I new there was no stopping him. For the second race in a row Jeff led the most laps, let's hope he keeps that up also, and he now finds himself 4th in the points. What a great race. I was sorry to see Mark have his late trouble but at least he salvaged a top 10 and moved to 6th in the points.

Dura-Lube/Big Kmart 400

What a good race. Compared to the Daytona 500 It was a complete turn around. A lot of good things happened during this race. First Jeff Qualified terrific and just barely missed the pole, let's hope that is a sign of things to come. On race day Jeff ran great and led the most laps. Mark won, which as I said before if Jeff can't win there is nobody better than Mark. The other nice thing that happened during this race was the untimely demise of the 24 car's engine, maybe those guys are human, It sure gave everybody an opportunity to close the point gap.
Despite all of these great things I can't help being a little disappointed that after the way Jeff ran he only finished 4th. It seems to me that perhaps the 99 teams biggest weakness right now is the pit crew, Jeff was routinely losing 2 or 3 spots in the pits, If they would have got him out first after the last stop I think their was a good chance he could have held on for the win. Oh well I guess if you can be disappointed with fourth the team is doing well.

Daytona 500

What a terrible disappointment. I really thought maybe Jeff or Mark had a shot at having a good start to the season. I should have known better they just don't seem to have any luck at the plate tracks. If it wasn't bad enough that they got in a wreck that darn Jeff Boredom won the race. What a depressing day, you wait all Winter for the racing season to start and when it does these are the results. I really wish NASCAR would come up with something other than the restrictor plates to slow these car downs, it's sad when nobody can pass anybody else without help.
I wish I could say that Jeff was doing well before the wreck, but he was having a bad day as it was, first a mysterious mechanical problem dropped him to the back of the pack, then a terrible pit stop (I thought they worked on that), and finally he got a lap down just before a caution came out. Hopefully he had his season full of bad luck in this one race. Next week Rockingham hopefully Jeff will bounce back and look like the Jeff Burton who can contend for the championship.

Gatorade 125's

I don't know a whole lot about the races because that wonderful network CBS doesn't seem to want to televise the 125's until Saturday, one of these years they'll wake up and show them live, I think almost everybody who works owns a VCR. I did get to listen to the first race at work and what I heard sounded promising both Jeff and Mark finished in the top five and Jeff will start 5th in the 500. Again I have to say I am encouraged by the speed he is showing this year, maybe the plate races won't be complete disasters, who knows with a little luck he just might win one. Next race is the big one GO JEFF!!!

Bud Shootout:


What a great Race!!! If Jeff can't Win The next best thing is to see his teammate Mark Win. Since Jeff wasn't in this race it was great to see the 6 car in victory lane. This really gives me hope that maybe the Roush boys have made some progress on their restrictor plate program. It also seems like Mark's pit stop was the fastest one going, hopefully all of these good things will carry over to the Exide team. The other GREAT thing about this race was the bad luck that the 24 team had, it couldn't have happened to a better group of guys, Let's hope that it is a sign of things to come! For the first time in a few years I feel that Jeff or Mark has a legitimate shot at winning the Daytona 500.

Daytona Testing:

The Roush cars showed their usual lack of speed at restrictor plate tracks. Since NASCAR went to 14:1 compression engines the Roush Cars just haven't been up to speed at Daytona and Talledaga. Rusty was fastest overall so we know it is possible with a Ford, hopefully they'll figure it out before Daytona because both Jeff and Mark lost a lot of points at the four plate races last year.